Welcome to my web site! I’m Maitre Leopold Lincà, a notary offering you quality professional services in the law field in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and surrounding areas. I have a lot of experience in the notary’s services – real estate, civil union, refinancing of a property, marriage celebration, marriage contract, power of attorney, drafting wills, mandates, invitation letters, consent letter to travel abroad, wedding officiant and more). I offer affordable rates and professional service. I offer you my expertise by studying your particular case, by advising you and by presenting you with the best solutions.

Our priority: to offer to our clients from Laval, Montreal, Longueuil or any other region in the province of Quebec, a wide range of legal services and to counsel our clients towards the qualified professional resource which corresponds best to its needs.


Buy, sell or finance your property in confidence: I will accompany you throughout the process and explain each step and offer advice for your situation. I check the property deeds to ensure the title is free and clear of any charges or problems. I also check the certificate of location draft by the land surveyor to ensure it reflects the current situation of the property and it is valid. The notary is responsible for the security of the real estate transaction and must ensure the protection of all parties involved.

Notarized will and protective mandate in case of incapacity: A will let you make decisions ahead of time, decisions that will be carried out after your death. In Quebec, people 18 or older, and people under 18 who have been emancipated, are free to give their property to whoever they want and to express their last wishes. They can also make changes to their wills at any time, as long as they are legally capable of doing it. In a will, you can include statements that you don’t have in a marriage contract. For example, you can say in a will that you are giving your property to someone in particular, you can name someone to take care of your children under 18 and you can say how your liquidator must manage the inheritance of your children. The liquidator is the person named in a will to liquidate your property. He is sometimes known as the will executor.

You’re not sure whether you should make a will? Consult us and I’ll propose you my expertise by studying your particular case, by advising you and by presenting you the best solutions.

Civil marriage and civil union: First we must meet at my office to sign the notice of publication of marriage. The notice of publication of marriage is mandatory. It must be signed by a witness who’ll testify the intention of both spouses to get married, at least 20 days before the official marriage ceremony. The union notice must be published on the web site of the Directeur D’état Civil.

The day of the celebration: I will meet you at the location of your marriage celebration to officiate your ceremony, to take your consent to get married, and to sign the official papers (the declaration of marriage or the civil union declaration). Two witnesses are required to attest the signature of each of the spouses. Spouses and friends are invited to attend.

Offering my services in Laval, Longueuil and Montreal, I can help you with the purchase of your property, the writing of your notarized will or protective mandate in case of incapacity, with your file of immigration or still for your marriage or civil union, with a non-contentious procedure and more. You can count on us to assist you quickly, confidentially and at a right price.

Our fees and our affordable prices for our notarial services are adapted to all our customers; our rates and our competitive costs reflect the reality of your file.