Marriage / civil union

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Do you think to get married or to unite civilly soon? Do you need a notary, civil marriage/civil union officiant, or marriage contract? Do you want legal advice on matrimonial property regimes?

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Me Leopold Lincà notary, wedding officiant, celebrant will guarantee the celebration of your civil wedding within 21 days after the first meeting.


Marriage / civil union

Looking for a notary wedding officiant / marriage officiant in Montreal ? You want a marriage / civil union and solemnization of marriage / civil union in the place of your choice (even abroad) while respecting the laws regulating conditions that make your union is valid and universally recognized? Do you want to protect your assets, while protecting your life partner and other family members? Do you want to know more about your rights and obligations, both in the context of marriage as a civil union?

Civil Marriage celebration

The celebration of a civil marriage is a solemn ceremony that can take place in the location of your choice, while respecting the public character of the ceremony, where the notary celebrant of marriage receives the consent of the spouses and declares them married to each other.

The cost – price, fees – for the celebration of a civil wedding, civil marriage is $275 (+tx); at the Laval, Montreal Courthouse. Celebration civil marriage and wedding vary from a notary wedding officiant to another one. For Mtre Leopold Lincà notary and wedding officiant, the price to celebrate a civil wedding is $300 in his wedding ceremony hall. In our office, we can celebrate your wedding 20 days after the first meeting with the notary, after the publication of your intention to get married at the Courthouse (or, on serious reason based on moral or humanitarian grounds, even before the expiration of the 20-day period). The promptitude to give you the most professional service and to offer a ceremony that adapts to all your needs is the most important. We guarantee the shortest delay legally possible.

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Marriage contract

A marriage contract is a legal document that allows you to choose a matrimonial regime which is different from the legal regime. Now, the legal regime that applies by default to the couples who do not have a marriage contract is the regime of partnership of acquests.
The marriage contract can be signed before the marriage celebration, but it will not enter into force until the celebration of your marriage. If you didn’t make a marriage contract before the celebration of your marriage, but you feel the need of such a document later, don’t worry, the law allows you to change your matrimonial regime during your marriage.


The benefits of choosing a notary for your wedding celebration

The benefits of choosing a notary are many: the notary gives you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding at any date you wish, while at the Courthouse, this celebration cannot be held on certain days of the year (such as Sundays, certain holidays, religious or civil holidays).

There is the same situation regarding the program hours: in the Montreal Courthouse, Laval Courthouse or Longueuil Courthouse, the celebration can take place between 9 am and 4:30 pm, while in a notary’s office, it can take place until 10 pm.

Also, the notary is the only marriage celebrant who is able to explain to you the matrimonial regimes and to draft your marriage contract or your civil union contract, if you wish.

Another advantage if you decide for a notary celebrant is the celebration place, because you can choose the location according to your taste and wishes.



Same sex marriage

Following the amendments to the Civil Code of Quebec, homosexual couples (can also choose a civil marriage or civil union. The celebration of a marriage or civil union between persons of the same sex can take place before the notary who will put in place all the necessary procedures for the marriage to be legal. The notary will draft a marriage or a civil union contract according to the choice of the spouses.

De facto spouses

If you have been living as de facto spouses, the cohabitation contract, also called cohabitation agreement, will allow you to define the rights you wish to give to each other and make all sorts of agreements, and plan the terms and conditions adapted to your situation in case of separation, as long as they respect the law.

Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary, will give you personalized legal advice and will also let you know the legal and the patrimonial consequences of marriage. He will draft your marriage contract (if applicable) and he will register your contract with the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights; he can travel to any place of your choice that respects the solemn and public character of the ceremony; he can also place at your disposal a celebration hall if you desire in order to avoid having to worry about a celebration place.

We will accompany you in order for you to have an unforgettable ceremony for your dream wedding. Our mission is to offer you a professional service according to your needs, at competitive prices and also to provide you with clear legal advice in easy and understandable terms. Enjoy your wedding day; and we can travel in your service, at an affordable price; let us offer you the best services and the best quality / price report for our legal services.

Experienced notary Maître Lincà will answer all your questions, for all kinds of situations, and he can travel for you on North Shore, South Shore.



  • Marriage celebration / civil union celebration
  • Marriage contract or civil union contract
  • Civil status modification
  • Obtention of a certificate or a copy of a marriage act, civil union, birth, death
  • Common law partnership agreement
  • Patrimony statement
  • Civil union dissolution contract
  • Partition of the family patrimony / waiver at the partition of the family patrimony
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